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For The Restless Chords

For the Restless

By Tom McRae

*****CAPO 3*****


Am- x0221x
Em/B- x2200x
E- 02210x
C- x32010

INTRO: Am Em/B x4


Am                         Em/B
  She comes to me in dreams, a train wreck beauty queen

Am                     Em/B
  But I don't remember her

Am                             Em/B
  On a wall of white and blue I wrote my name and thought of you

     Am                   Em/B
  But you would not have known

Am                              Em/B
  Through the window of a car, a cigarette, a fallen star

Am                          Em/B
  A dream within a trail of sparks

     Am                          Em/B
  And conversation turns to sleep, I wait for you to speak

Am            E
  I'm waiting still

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Am                                                          C         Em/B
  This is for the restless, not the peaceful sleepers, this song's for you

Am                                                    C         Em/B
  And for the faithless, not the true believers, this song's for you

And then the Verse and the Chorus are repeated... with different lyrics obviously. Then...

Am                         Em/B
  She comes to me in dreams, a train wreck beauty queen

Am               Em/B
  Now I remember her

      Am                                     Em/B
  And everything your love will break you're running out of things to make you

  Feel alive, alive, alive, alive

Then it's the Chorus progression over and over again with a bit of singing until
the end... work out the timing your good self. End on Am.

Any banter (though please none of the "I've got a long shot to play in this snooker
game and I haven't got one of those things to make the shot bridgeable" sort) to