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Stepping Stones Chords

Standard Tuning

Tom Howie- Stepping Stones

Em (022000)
Cadd9 (x32033)
G (320033)
D (000232) [drop your pinkey in and out on the e-string for a nice effect (000232/3)]
C (332010)

Listen to the song to try and make a decent strumming pattern, and also try fooling 
with plucking for a sweet sound.

Verse 1:

Em                  C                Cadd9
We know only of what has been,
Em                            C              Cadd9
sifting slowly through all these dreams,
    Em                      C        G
and out of the gray,
a beautiful flame

Em    C

Verse 2:
[ Tab from: ]
Em                         C            Cadd9
So many choices soon to be made,
Em                      C        Cadd9
No direction is clear of shade,
Em                          C
The future is yours, the future is yours,
The future is yours,
D                        Em (hold the Em, drag out the strumming pattern)
What will you make?

Em    C     G            D
I'll always be like a moth to a flame,
Em               C                  G
Bright lights beckon me,
They always pull me away,
Em             C         G          D
Sometimes fog is clearer than the lighted way,
Em              C         G        D
Seems I'm always here to follow that flame,
I'll follow that flame.

and so on....

Verse 3:
These stepping stones, Some will cut my feet.
The ones I choose though, are meant for me.
The future is mine, there's no better time, there's no better time,
To make things right.

Chorus x2

(dont know if he is signed or not)