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Tell Her Today Chords

Capo on the 5th

Intro:Em Am B7

Em               Am
It's hard to say you love some one

B7                  Em
its hard to say you dont

Em                Am
its hard to learn to trust someone

B7                   Em
but its hard to be without. 

Am            B7
So if u think u love some one

G     D    Em
try, try, try
that one maybe your *only* one 

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So if you love her 
think only of her
B7                       Em
take the time tell her today

And when Without her
everything is harder
take the time 
drop everything 
B7            Em
go tell her today

Em Am B7

For every King 
you'll find a queen
that keeps his kingdom strong
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oh if love is the food that feeds my heart
then baby
sweet baby
I'm hungry now

So if you think you love some one 
try, try, try
because that one may be your one.
So if you love her, 
think only of her, 
take the time tell her today.

And when with out her,
everythings harder 
take the time
drop everything 
tell her today