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Scorpio Boy Chords

Tabbed by Andy Mc 02/05
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Am                                                F
        When I was young, my Mama told me. . .

G                           Em                         F              G 
        "Look all around, flowers are growing,

Am                                                  F
        Daffodils spread, under the warm sun,

G                                               Em                         F           G
       If you look through the rain. . here comes a rainbow 
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Am                                                                F
        You see one day you'll grow up into a strong boy

G                               Em                                        F               G
        And you'll have .  . the whole world in your hands.

C                                   Em
So now . . . . don't be a scared boy. . . .

     Am                                                                             F 
Remember your beautiful; don't let this world drag you . . . . down

G                    Em                       Am
Stay strong . . . . . . . .  Scorpio Boy.

Two more verses each followed by chorus.