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Martial Law Bass Tab

Artist: Tollbooth
Song: Martial Law
Album: Their demo tape, not sure what its called
Tabber: Vivek Mahbubani
Tuning: Standard (G, D, A, E)
Note: Tollbooth? whos that!, their a pretty new band of European boys from the
South China Area, their homepage is at they haven't
released any albums yet, but have sent a demo tape around and I believe to A-F
records, their new and young, but they have promise, I'm sure you'll see the
Martial Law song on mp3 circulating soon, I heard this song in concert and it
sounded amazing, so I got the song off them and ripped it from tape to mp3.

~ = let ring
^555^ = triplet
2p0 = pull off
2h3 = hammer on
x = dead note

Most of the song
[ Tab from: ]
During the Guitar solo (sounds like chords)

After the solo (in concert he played this, on the demo he didn't for some reason)
the music starts to slow down, and then he plays this (100% correct? dunno!)

Then the last bit before they change to the original riff

This is a really catchy song!, everyone thats heard it loves it, its mostly
the guitar that brings it up, but this is the bass line for it.
Hopefully this bad will get a bit bigger as time proceeds, remember to check out
their HP (