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Forty Days Chords

			                 FORTY DAYS - Streetlight Manifesto
Tabbed by: Troispistols, Québec, Canada

I've corrected the chords found in Streetlight Manifesto Forty Days acoustic chords so 
that version is for me 100% Okay if you listen to :

"Streetlight Manifesto - Forty Days (Acoustic Version) AP Show" easily found on YouTube.

INFO : Listen to the song to get the "C  C7M/9/B  Am  G" correctly and you can skip the 
G if you want.

Cm7/9/B = X-2-0-0-1-0

CAPO 4th fret

Am G x3
[ Tab from: ]
              Am     G
And it's been forty days
           Am     G
I've tried forty ways
         Am                      G
You will never quite leave your sins behind
         Am                    G                Am
They'll haunt you, taunt you 'til the day you die
         G             Am
You will never really go
                           G                       Am
You'll just think about it much but you'll need to know
        G                     Am
How the story ends, so you'll sit around,
      G                     Am
Even though you should just go
           G                     Am
Tell your friends what you have heard,
          G                Am
Show them all the lies unlearned
              G                    Am                 G       
         F   G
And when you really go, you will really know you were never meant for earth
              Am    G
What's it worth?
          F                            G            Am  
C _ G
If we're gonna break it down with any logic, it's absurd

F    G    Am   C
F    G    Am   Am

        F              E   C _ Cm7/9/B 
_Am _ G
And no matter where we go, we are not alone
          F                E          Am   G
When the silence turns to cries of "Wh---y?"
        F       E    C _ Cm7/9/B 
_Am _ G
What a way to begin: we inherit sin
       F                            E                        Am
And nobody's going to quench your thirst when the well runs dry
(Well runs dry)
       Am                        E                   Am_G_Am
And nobody's going to hold your hand on the day you die


            Am     G                 Am       G
I've tasted seven sins, so they won't let me in
                Am                         G
I knock knock knock until my knuckles are bruised and raw
Am                            G                       Am
Stuck in the middle with my blood in a puddle on the floor
    G        Am           G        Am
We made our beds, we'll judge ourselves
          G                    Am                G            
 F    G
And only then and there will we disappear to our final resting place
        Am     G
What a waste!
    F           G            Am   C _ G
So many decent people at the gates
F    G    Am   C
F    G    Am   Am


That's it !

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