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Slap Of Reality Bass Tab

Slap of reality.
Toe to toe
Bass Tab by Matty ann.

Guitar intro.
Bass comes in with drums
1st verse intro:     1st Verse
g-----------]        g---------------------------------------------------]
d-----------]        d---------------------------------------------------]
a22-55---33-] X2     a22222-555555555----------------------30-30---3030--]
e------55---]        e-----------------55555555555555555555--------------]               
      Never,Tell lies, with truth, written on your face...

Repeat the 1st verse intro for the chorus and then repeat the 1st verse for the 2nd 
and so on.

After the second chorus it goes into the middle part. Which has the bass following the 
drum before the main beat comes back in. So...
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And then when the beat comes back in...

a2202320220235322023205533--]Repeat as many times as needed
e---------------------------]Then ring out on the a2(B)

The bass part is just the 1st verse intro and then verse, chorus and finish.

Thats all the riffs, so all you need to do is figure out what goes where. It's not hard, 
scotty mac say's "It's just punk man"

This is my first tab, so I hope you enjoy.