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Mercy In Me Chords


Am  G  D  Em


Am                  G             D                     Em  
A poor man on the corner, I could give to you by buying him lunch

      Am              G             D                     Em
But I rarely think about it cause I got a little but it's not that much

Am                   G               D                    Em
And I say Lord won't you help me and give me a little bit more for myself

  Am                         G
And you say, child won't you let me

 D                    Em                             F  C/E  F  F
take all that you got and give you a little real wealth

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C                G/B            Am                 Bm
And I don't know what you want, what you see in my life

C             G             Am                Bm
I don't know what you mean, how you could be glorified

C            G/B            Am           Bm
I'm not too sure about this idea of sacrifice

                     C      C       D
Or what you mean by mercy, mercy in me

      D       Am   G   D   Em
Your mercy in me

verse 2:

A young girl in an old house, 
3 kids and another on the way
She's in desperate need of some new clothes
But I keep my old ones and tell her I'll pray for her
But your heart breaks for those kids
And that child of a mom who's one of your own
When a few gifts and a little time
Is another crown I could lay at the feet of your throne

th-th-th-that's all folks