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Grace Like Rain Chords

I usualy play this in standard tuning. Chord positions don't change with tuning unless
you use a capo...As for the names of the chords, I may be wrong so I have included a
guide at the bottom... this is my first tab so I hope its ok.. Also I added an intro
and usualy pick the chords there and strum them the rest of the time, and then pick the
chords on the bridge... Good luck.. listen to the song for exact timeing...  Go ahead
and judge me on it, I wanna know how I did. 

“Grace Like Rain” – Todd Agnew	
Intro (picking) C#m, A7, E, B4

C#m          A7            E            B4
Amazing    grace, how sweet   the     sound	
        C#m            A7             E        B4
That    saved    a    wretch like me	
    C#m          A7           E           B4
I   once   was   lost, but   now I’m found 		
    C#m             A7       E          B4
Was blind     but   now I   see, so clearly   
(let ring a second or so, then rest)
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C#m            A7                 E             B4
        Hallelujah,    grace like rain, falls down on me
C#m            A7                    E                           B4
        Hallelujah, all my stains, are washed away they’re washed away

(C#m, A7, E, B4)

(Same chord progression through the verse, chorus & the bridge)

(Verse 2)
Twas grace, that taught my heart to fear, and grace, my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear, the hour I first believed (that I first believed)


(C#m, A7, E, B4)
 When we’ve been there, ten thousand years, bright shining as the Son
We’ve no less days, to sing your praise, than when we first begun

(Chorus twice) Ending: (Pick through!) C#m, A7, E, B4 


C#m: e---0--   A7:  e--0--     E: e--0--    B4: e--0--
     B---0--        B--0--        B--0--        B--0--
     G---6--        G--2--        G--1--        G--4--
     D---6--        D--2--        D--2--        D--4--
     A---4--        A--0--        A--2--        A--2--
     E---0--        E--0--        E--0--        E--0--