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Grace Like Rain Chords

Artist: Todd Agnew 
Title : Grace Like Rain
Album : Grace Like Rain
Tuning : Standard Eadgbe

Very simple song
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capo 0

      Dm      Bb       F      C     -OR-     Dm     Bb     F     C    

Verse 1
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Dm           Bb          F             C
     Amazing Grace    how sweet   the Sound 
          Dm          Bb         F      C  
    that saved    a wretch   like me 
       Dm          Bb        F         C
    i once   was lost   but now   im found  
          Dm         Bb         F           C           
     was blind    but now    i see     so clearly

Dm      Bb                F                      C
   Halleluja  Grace like rain      falls down on me 
Dm       Bb                 F                      C
   Halleluja   and all my stains   are washed away are washed away  

Dm    Bb    F    C

Verse 2 (same as verse 1)

twas Grace that taught my heart to fear 
and Grace my fears relieved
how precious did that Grace appear 
the hour i first believed   that i first believed

Chorous (twice)

not sure if this is part of the song,but i like
to play it here . Just play in 2/4

Dm  Bb  F  C  Dm  Bb  F  C

Verse 3 (same as the rest of the song,just play a 
little more softly )

when we've been there  ten thousand years 
bright shining  as the SON 
we've no less days to sing Your praise 
than when we'd first begun

Chorous 2 or 3 times

aright thats it. God bless . peace .love... keep on truckin'.........