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Glorious Day Chords

Glorious Day
Todd Agnew – Music
Words by J. Wilbur Chapman (originally titled “One Day”)
Ino Records / 2007  
As a hymn, was copyrighted 1977 by Integrity

It’s in the Key of D – He starts singing with no musical intro 
– and comes in with the guitar on the G

G  D/F#
G  D  (or D/F#)
G  D/F#
G  D  

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G  D/F#
G  Em
D/F#  G
A  D         

G  D G  D  ????

I didn’t take time to figure out the interlude.  I just heard the 
song, loved it, and chorded it out quickly.  I couldn’t find chord
or tabs for it anywhere.

It’s from the old hymn – “One Day” – and Todd ‘skips one verse of