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The Taliban Song Live Chords

To match with the live version tune down half a step.


          G              Bmin          Amin         D   
I'm just a middle-aged middle-eastern camel-herdin man 
         G        Bmin           Amin           D                           
I got a little two-bedroom cave here in North Afganistan
         G        Bmin           Amin           D                     
Things used to be real nice and they got out of hand....

Those are the chords for all of the verses, just figure out the rhythm and timing.

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             C                             D                    
But you know someday soon wer'e both gonna saddle up
            G    D/F#  Emin  Emin7      
And it'l be ride camel ride
    C                       D     
My old lady she'll be here with me
              F7       Dmin7   C            
just smilin right by my side
            C                  D       
We should do just fine around Palestine 
         G  D/F#  Emin  Emin7         
Or maybe Turkmenistan
            Amin                   D7            
We'll bid a fair adieu and flip the finger to 
The taliban 

And then repeat verse and then the chorus one more time. and thats the best that I can figure.