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This is my first posting after weeks of getting a lot of cool stuff. Thanks
to you who posted Achilles Last Stand by Zep.

I Come From The Water
by the Toadies

- The only tricky part is the signature,
 its in 6/8 time

Main Riff
-this riff repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats......

D ---2---0---2---3----2---0----2-------|
A ---2----------------------------2----|
E -------------------------------------|

-straightforward, bend the G up slightly, then release before hitting the E5.

D ---------------2---------------------|
A ---------------2---------------------|
E -------3b-----0----------------------|
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- sounds tricky, though its just 1-2-3-4-5-6, etc.
- I play it in the 2nd position

|:   F# / G / C / B   :|

- haven't got it yet, if anyone does please help.

-* I think thats what he sings, but I'm not sure, if you can help....

  I come from the water,
  I crawled upon the shore.
  I left my brother there,
  I got what I came for.

  I sucked that water in*
  and rolled upon the sand
  It burned beneath the sun
  to be a man.

  I come from the water.

  I come from the water.
  That weren't no easy thing.
  Its more than nature,
  its like my destiny.

  I stood upon these legs
  and held my head up high.
  It burned beneath the sun
  to start a new life.

  I come from the water.

  Life in the desert
  just to be together
  the same forever
  the same forever
  It moves beneath me
  It pulls me body
  My pulse beats harder,
  so far from the water.

  I love to see the sun
  in spite of all its done
  I pray for saving rain*
  I pray to live again
  I come from the water.


  I come from the water.

My first attempt at tabbing out something, if I've made a breach of
etiquitte, ooooppss!