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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 19:16:06 EDT
From: Winston Campbell 
Subject: STORIES I TELL by Toad The Wet Sprocket

Stories I Tell
(words and music by Glen Phillips, Todd Nichols, and Toad)

The basic structure for the verse is:

   C#m     A       C#m     A       C#m     A        C#m       Asus2

E ---------------|---------------|----------------|-----------7---||
B ---4h5p4-------|---4h5p4----5--|---4h5p4--------|---4h5p4---5---||
G ------------6--|---------------|-------------6--|-----------6---||
D ---------------|---------------|-----------7----|-----------7---||
A -4-------------|-4-------------|-4--------------|-4-------------||
E ---------5-----|---------5-----|---------5------|---------------||

[ Tab from: ]
I suggest that you fret the fourth fret with your pointer finger and let all
the other fingers do the stretching.  Also, make sure that you sustain that 
A note on the low E string and play the rest with the other fingers.  For
example, when you play measure three, you should be barreing the fourth fret
with your pointer, hammer on and pull off that fifth fret on the B string 
with your middle finger; then hit the fifth fret of the low E string (the A
note) with your middle finger; next hit the seventh fret of the D string with
your pinky and finally hit the sixth fret on the G string with your ring
finger.  I know it requires a lot of painful stretching, but you should get
used to it. 

a bass interlude comes in which plays the standard C#m to A chord change, 
for those interested, the bass is simply played:

   C#m   A                          C#m   A

G -------------|------------------|-------------||
D -------------|------------------|-------------||
A -4-4-4-----2-|-(repeat 7 times)-|-4-2---------||
E -------5-5---|------------------|-----4-5-5-7-||

Basically, the song plays the C#m to A chord progression until it ends.
The chords with the asteriks are played like this:

   F#m*   C#m*  G#m*   A*

E --9--||-4--||-11--||-12--||
B -10--||-5--||-12--||-14--||
G -11--||-6--||-13--||-14--||
D -----||----||-----||-----||
A -----||----||-----||-----||
E -----||----||-----||-----||

And that is basically all you need to know for the song.  Bye-bye...