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Reincarnation Song Chords

Reincarnation Song (Andrew Wilson)

        Notes: this song should be played with lots of (palm?) muting.
        Ihave just posted the chords, because the first part of the song,
        you mostlyplay the 3rd, 5th and 6th strings on the D and A chords,
        just basicallyfigure out what you like best.  All of the chords
        are just standard chords,but you can play the "power chords" near
        the end if you wish.

        D                       A            G
        I thought I'd be alright today
        D                        A            G
        I thought I'd be alive today
        D                                       A                       G
        Give me your eyes, I'll show you things
        D                                     A                         G
        You never dreamed you thought you'd see
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        D                   A                   G
            I find myself in light I'd seen
        D                          A                    G
        In sleep sometimes in mesculine
        D                         A                            G
        And like the sun you don't stare into
        D                           A                 G
        very long without blinding you
                          (enter bandhere)
        I thought this light would be easy
        but there's a tugging at my sleeve
        And too much baggage
        I brought with me to leave
        Something so big I can't understand
        Form trying to I would go mad
        so I hurry back to this little earth
        for another life another birth
         D                 A          G     
         G    F#    E(repeat until end with vocal ad-lib, etc type stuff)
        another life another birth