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In My Ear Chords

In My Ear
transcribed by Mike Nidel (

(on the album this may not quite sound right because toad's guitars are tuned
down 1/4 step.  But this is how it sounds live)

I recommend the similar G and C shapes which I use:
G       C       or C like this:
------  ------  ------
||||||  ||||||  ||||*|
|*||||  ||*|||  ||*|||
*|||**  |*||**  |*|||*

this way it is easy to change chords and sounds a bit more like the actual song


(incidentally this is also the chorus)

G       Bm   C          Bm      C          D
Didn't know they were a part of it I can't tell;
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      G Bm            C       Bm      C  D
So you know there's a lot that I don't know

                  C9                      G
but here I am and I'm standing with a perfect view

          C9                  G
I cannot go far enough away from you

C9                      G               D
Seen it all before and know it's only words...

G C D G G       C          D    G
Hello;  I can't hear it's in my ear

G C D G                 G C D G
Hello                   Hello

the rest of the song is repetitions of the above