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Amnesia Chords

by toad the wet sprocket
Transcribed by: Daniel Rodriguez 
Revised by: Walter Tien 

CAPO 4th fret (all chord are relative to the capo)

Asus2 : x02200
Cmaj7 : 032000
Em    : 022000
F     : 133200
G     : 355400


                              Fill 1

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Asus2   Cmaj7        Em
Here i need your help
Asus2        Cmaj7     Em
deliver me fom myself
Asus2     Cmaj7         Em
Take me where i am wanted
Asus2      Cmaj7        fil1 1
or make me someone else

Asus2      Cmaj7        fil1 2

Asus2        Cmaj7       Em
Never care what they said
Asus2               Cmaj7
forget about the things you read
Em                              Asus2       Cmaj7           Em
it was somenthing you never know, never see, never understand
Asus2            Cmaj7   fil1 1
just leave it now if you can

tell me
Asus2      Cmaj7   fil1 2
When they come for you
Asus2      Cmaj7   fil1 2
who will there to speak

Asus2            Cmaj7   fil1 1
and they come for you
Asus2        Cmaj7        G
Who will there be left to speak for you?


Asus2                  Cmaj7  Em
The final solution s back in style
Asus2               Cmaj7   Em
we are the ones letting it ride
Asus2           Cmaj7 Em
never knew we were so blind
              Asus2  Cmaj7  fil1 1
amnesia in comfort, so unkind.

repeat chorus

Asus2  Cmaj7   G

Fill 2