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All She Said Chords

All She Said
Transcribed by Jon McCartie (
*= see bottom for fingering
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Will my bride sleep tonight, softly
Believe the words as always lying
               Cadd9          Am
And she sleeps and dreams
               G    Em
Lord knows what,  but it's not for
 C  D* C  D*     C         D*       C     D*          G  D/F#  Em
Me to be there, and she knows she isn't there for me
       C       D (hammer)       G  C   G   C
It's just a way of protecting
G             Cadd9     G           Cadd9
And will my bride believe the lie
            G     Cadd9      G                Cadd9
Says it's all right; still together 'till we die
              C               Am               G
But she knows that words aren't always
   Em                   C    D*  C   D*
Always what we mean to say
      C           D*         C       D*         
But still she says she loves me anyway
G  D/F#   Em        C         D
              That's all she said (x2)

solo(if that's what it is):  G  D  Cadd9   D,   Em  D   Cadd9  D
            C              D
One more word she speaks and says good night
          C       D            C                 D
She would believe enchanted lies, I wait for her but still inside
      C            D                 C     Am
She's dreaming of Valentino's eyes
         G       Em                     C  D*  C  D*
Far away in someone else's night 
     C      D*         C      D*
It isn't wrong but still it isn't right
G  D/F#  Em          C         D
             That's all she said

Cadd9--- X32030