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After Dark Chords

{t:After Dark}
{st:Tito & Tarantula}
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Watch[B]in[A]g her[B]
[A]Strolling in the night[B] s[A]o white [B]  [A]
Wonderin[E5]g why
[F#5]It's only After Dark  [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]
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In[B] h[A]er eye[B]s
A [A]distant fire[B] l[A]ight burns brigh[B]t [A]
Wondering[E5] why
[F#5]It's only After Dark  [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]

I find [E5]mysel[D]f in he[E5]r roo[D]m
Feel th[E5]e fev[D]er of m[E5]y doo[D]m
Falling[F#] fall[E]ing throug[F#]h the [E]floor
[F#]I'm knocking on the Devils door   [B]  [A]    [B]  [A]

In t[B]he [A]dawn[B]
I w[A]ake up to [B]fi[A]nd her gone [B][A]
And a note s[E5]ays
[F#5]Only After Dark[B][A][B][A]

[Solo]  B  A   B  A   B  A            

Burning bu[E5]rnin[D]g in the [E5]flam[D]e
Now I know[E5] her[D] secret n[E5]ame [D]
You can te[F#]ar h[E5]er temple[F#] dow[E5]n
[F#]But she'll be back and rule again
In [B]my[A] heart[B]
A D[A]eep and dark[B] A[A]nd lonely part[B]  [A]
Wants her [E5]and waits for
[B]After Dark   [D]After Dark  [E]After Dark  [F#]After Daaaaark