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He Doesnt Know Tab

Tina Dico - He Doesn't Know
Tabbed by lwm89

Capo on 2nd fret

Chords used:

C     x32010
G     3x0003
F     1x321x
Am    x02210
Em    022000
G6    3x5430
Fmaj7 1x3210

The F, Fmaj7 and G6 chords are played with the thumb over the neck holding the bass note.



This is the picking pattern used throughout the song. Right hand thumb plays the 5th 
string for C and Am or 6th string for G, F, Em etc.

Verse (same picking as above):

    C            G        F         Am
If you ever pass by where I used to live

   G                 F                Am
And should you bump into the man I was with

  G          F           Em      G
Back when I didn't know what to believe

 F                           Am
Please will you tell him from me

The G at the end of the third line (as she sings "believe") is played slightly 
differently using a hammer-on like this:


Chorus (same fingerpicking):

      C                G      F         Am
That I loved him with every beat of my heart
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tina_dico/he_doesnt_know_tab.html ]
  G               F          C        G
I trembled with longing when we were apart

    F                        Em
Oh, I'd ache to pull him in close

F                      Am
  And I don't think he knows

For the final F in the chorus she just plays the bass note once instead of the picking pattern.


This is strummed rather than fingerpicked.

G6  Fmaj7   Am

The rest of the song is played in the same way.

The last thing I heard he was losing his job
I guess they'd found out that he rarely turned up
He hated it there only stayed for me
Please, will you make him believe

That I always thought you should follow your dreams
However hard and uncertain it seems
I'd have loved him whatever he chose
I don't think he knows

Our lives grew apart, it's been just over a year
For reasons I can't really tell you about here
Love wasn't nearly enough in the end
Please, will you tell him again

That I hurt myself more than I ever hurt him
I wasn't as distant and cold as I seemed
I was lost all the way into my bones
I don't think he knows

N.B. The post-chorus is slightly different here:

G6  Fmaj7  Am
G6  Fmaj7  Am
G6  Fmaj7  Em  F  Fmaj7

When the dust had settled he moved on as well
He found a new girl that he loved, I could tell
And my mind started wandering jealously
Please, will you ask him from me

If really he thought that I was the one
Or were we just sharing some time on the run
Did he love me with peace and with hope
I don't really know

Ending is like this:

G6  Fmaj7  Am
G6  Fmaj7  Am
G6  Fmaj7  Em  F  Fmaj7
G6  Fmaj7