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Friend In A Bar Chords

Am                  G       
I met a friend in a bar last night
Am                      G        
A girl from a far away past
F                                         Am
We counted and worked out that it'd been more than seven years
          G              Am  
Since we saw each other last

(Go on like this the whole song) 

She looked so much older I'd have to say
She used to dress so lovely and smart
And now her colours, they were faded and her hair was a mess
Her expression was tired and hard

I asked her what she had been up to since then
She hesitated a while
She drew a nervous breath and sighed "Not much to be honest"
Through a shame-faced smile

We sat there all night, side by side
The conversation was slow
A few times I got up and said "Okay well..."
But I could tell she didn't want me to go
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At three in the morning she suddenly said
"Truth is I've done nothing at all
My mind's been much too busy thinking of a man
And waiting for him to call"

"He left me on the day that I turned 21
For years now I've been on my own
I'm scared that if I change or if I leave my house too long
I won't be there when he decides to come home"

I asked about the man and her eyes lit up!
The taste of his name brought her right out of her shell
She said "It wasn't always easy, he's a complicated man
But I know he loves me and I know he meant well"

"He still calls now and then in the dead of my nights
He asks if I'm alone in bed
And I tell him 'Babe of course I am, I'm yours now and for ever,
And then the line goes dead..."

I met a friend in a bar last night
A girl that lives in the past
I got up on my feet and I ran out
Thinking "Please don't let me catch the cruel disease she has!"

(This song is even easier in Em, then play Em D Em D C Em D Em)