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Demon Host Chords

"Demon Host"
Timber Timbre
from Timber Timbre (2009)

F      A7     Dm      Dm     x3
Bb     F

F                   A             Dm
Death she must have been your will
      Bb                    F
A bone beneath the reaper’s veil
F                  A         Dm
With your voice my belly sunk,
    Bb 		       F
And I began to feel so drunk
F             A     Dm
Candle candle on my clock
Oh lord I must have heard you... 

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    F                  A7         Dm               Bb
....knock me out of bed, as the flames licked my head
          F            A7              Dm              Bb
and my lungs filled up black in their tiny little shack
            F           A7          Dm           Bb 
It was real, and I repent all those messages you sent
         F                    A7
clear as day, but in the night
     Dm              Bb
Oh I couldn’t get it right

Here is the church and here is the steeple
Open the doors there are the people
And all their little hearts at ease
For another week’s disease
And eagle eagle talon scream
I never once left in between

I was on the fence and I never wanted your two cents
Down my throat into the pit, with my head upon a spit
Oh reverend please, can I chew your ear? I've become what I most fear
And I know there’s no such thing as ghosts, but I have seen the demon host

F      A7     Dm      Bb     x8