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Curtains Chords

                              Timber Timbre - Curtains!?
Album : Hot Dreams (2014)
Tempo : 115
E-mail: gwendal.mollo@orange.fr
Tabbed by: newg

Play this riff all over the song :        Riff 2
e|--------------|                         |-----------x--|
B|--------------|                         |-----------x--|
G|--------------|                         |--------------|
D|--- 5-------5-|                         |--------------|
A|--------------|                         |--------------|
E|-3---3-3------|                         |-3---3-3------| 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/timber_timbre/curtains_crd.html ]
Dm Cm Em Gm

Picture me a magazine
Empty the night
No there isn't much redeeming
About this dawn and breaking light
A#                        Dm
Curtains, I could have it all
The window, the view, the second story fall

Dm Cm Em Gm

Creased and doubled up
Hung out on the tracks
She said a diamond wouldn't hurt
and that I should have rolled the die
Dm                   Cm
Curtains, on a quiet ?
Curtains can quick see what they're trying to hid

Dm Cm Em Gm

Gm (Riff 2)

Dm Cm Em Gm