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I Could Be Wrong Chords

 I could be wrong      Tim Wilson
A                          C
I guess I'm tired of Oprah Winfrey's ass
        G                D   
Tellin' me every move to make
A                        C
And I'm tired of Martha Stewart's ass
        G                 D
Tellin' me how to bake a cake
A                   C
And I've just about had my fill
   G              D
Of Doctor fucking Phil
A                   C
Tired of looking at Tiger's ass
      G                 D
And Shaquil O' fucking Neal
G                   D                A
Paris Hilton could fuck up a county fair
G                          D
Just proof that you can be stupid
And still be a billion-fucking-aire
A             C                   G                     D
I'm tired of Simon's ass tellin' people that they can't sing
A                C                G                     D
I'd fire Donald Trump's ass for knowing every fucking thing
A                  C
Jenn and Brad and Angelina's ass
           G                   D           
I'm about tired of lookin' at them
A                       C
And I'm about ready for Hollywood's ass
    G                  D
To run out of fucking film!
G            D             A
I'm tired of everything on TV
G                D
Everybody loves Raymond
Except for fucking me!
A                  C
I'm tired of that Lance's ass
   G                  D
In France ridin' on a bike
A                 C
And I could purty much give a damn
      G                          D
What some actress's dress looks like
A                C                           G                  D
It'd be nice if Hip-Hop's ass would finally learn to play three cords
A                         C
And I'm about fed up with Nashville's ass
         G                  D
And the "Hand-me-a-trophy" awards
G           D                             A
Barry Bonds hittin' a bunch of fake home runs
G                       D
And that fake-ass Larry the Cable's ass
And Git Er fucking Done!
A                  C
I'd like to watch football's ass
G                      D
Without worryin' about B.O.
A                        C
And I'm resolved to tell W's ass
          G                   D
Where the fuck he can fucking go
A                    C        
I'd be the first to second
             G                                  D
Tellin' the third world what the fuck they can fucking do!
A                     C                       G               D
It'd be fun to watch Mel Gibson's ass gettin' whipped by the Jews
A               C        G                    D
I'm tired of my own ass singing this fucking song
A                         C
There's a lot of people's ass I'm tired of
         G                 D
But the list's too fucking long!
And I could be wrong...
OHH, I could be wrong!

sounded pretty good with four beers in but I could be wrong
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