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Entwined Chords

Tim Myers - Entwined

Intro - A E B

Verse 1
A                E                            B
Something in your eyes say you're falling in, 
A                E                            B
You're a part of me, you're under my skin, 
A         E            B                          A          E         B
Every piece of me has felt so incomplete 'til you came into my life, 
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E            B       C#m         A
You and I are so entwined, 
E            B       C#m          A                   E B C#m A
I always knew that I was made for you, 

Verse 2
A                 E                            B
Lover don't you know you're so beautiful?
A                 E                            B
You're inside my heart, you're inside my soul, 
A         E                B                       A            E         B
When I see you move and laugh the way you do I am melting into you, 



C#m    A   E  B
Woow ah ah ah
C#m    B   E   B
Woow ah ah ah    (x2)



Tabbed by Benjamin Martin