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My Old Friend Chords

This music, chords and lyrics, was worked out totaly by ear
and in two keys, the key played and the key that i sing in.

My chord progressin: Key of G major
intro: D
 Bm, F#m, G, D, Em, A 
 Bm,F#m, G,D,G,D,G,D,A 
 Bm - G~ D~ G~ D~

Mr. Mcgraw chord progression: im not sure of its key
 C#m, G#m, A,E,F#m, B 
 C#m, G#m, A, E, A, E, A, E, B 
 C#m - A~, E~ A~, E~

My old friend - Tim Mcgraw:-
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intro: E....
C#m               G#m
My old friend, i recall...
     A             E    F#m         B
the times that we had hangin on my wall.
C#m                        G#m
I wouldnt trade, them for gold..
            A              E            A           E
cause they laugh and they cry me..they somwhow santify me..
      A             E            B
the woman in the stories i have told...but then again
C#m                 G#m
My old friend... i appoligize...
         A                E              F#m               B
for the years that have passed since the last time you and i.
C#m                G#m
Dusk to dawn..was memories...
      A              E            A           E
the running and the races, the people and the faces,
  A                         E            B         A          E
there was always somewhere else i had to be..dunno why,dunno why~ dunno 
A          E
why,dunno why~

C#m                            G#m
My old friend..this song's for you...
 A                  E              F#m              B
cause a few simple vurses was the least that i can do,
             C#m                  G#m
to tell the world, that you were here..
     A              E            A             E
the love and the laughter, will live on long after,
A            E              B
all of the sadness and the tears...will meet again..
      A          E            A          E            A       
Good buy~ , good buy ~, good buy~, good buy~, my old friend, my old 
friend... (fade out)