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Love You Goodbye Chords

Capo 2
D Asus4 G D

D                             Asus4
He was thinkin' back when he was a kid
     G              D
His folks were divorced
 D             Asus4
 His old man high on somethin'
 D                     G
 Came knockin' at the door
His mama wouldn't talk to him
She said, "Boy, don't you let him in"
 Em               Em9
She was cussin' and pacin'
 G                                      D Asus4 G D
And wastin' her life at that linoleum floor
D                        Asus4  
He took him back to his old apartment
      G         D
Turned off the TV
D                 Asus4
His beautiful broken hero on the couch
 G              D
Passed out asleep
And he put him to bed
With tears in his eyes
 Em (strum once)                  D Asus4 G D                        
He said, "Dad, I love you, goodbye"
(just repeats throughout the song)

He headed out into the night
Seventeen years old
Fired up that rusty old pickup
Turned his collar to the cold
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And he headed back to Mama's place
Ready for his big escape
And he tiptoed up the stairs
And left a note in the cover's fold

It said, "Mom, I wish I could wave a wand
And make you smile again
Bring back the man who stole your heart
'Fore the demons got to him"

"If I stay here any longer
Somethin' sacred's gonna die"
He said, "Mom, I love you, goodbye"

Took a lot of wrong turns
On the road findin' his life
By the grace of God he ended up
With a boy and a wife

And the phone call came from his sister
'Twas that old familiar pain
His mother was at the doorstep
Of Heaven's pure white light

At the end of the service
His father came up to him
Clear eyed and sober now
He said, "Boy, Jesus took my sins"

"And I pray someday
Maybe you'll forgive me too"
With tears in his eyes
He said, "Son, I love you, goodbye"

His plane touched down in Texas
He pulled out his phone
Dialed in the number
Got the machine of his old man's home

He said, "Dad we got an extra room
And your grandson has your eyes"
Couldn't say anything else
'Cause he started to cry

And he choked out
 Em       Em9         G      (strum once)
"Dad, I love you, goodbye
 Em       Em9         G
Dad, I love you, goodbye"


D Asus4 G D