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Opening Night Chords

Capo: 5th fret


Dm              Em             Am
Don't blame me if no one shows; I told you before
Em                      F
You're not so young anymore
C                       Bm             F
We're models, then we're strippers, then whores
Dm              Am             G6             
Desperately wanted, now desperate to be wanted

A#maj7          Dm
Like we were before
Am      C      F
We're dinosaurs
C       F
On with the show
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Dm              Em
All my friends have grown and gone
Won't be long before I
Dm              F
Buy my own little slice of life

        C               Bm                     F
I'll buy the milk, I'll buy the cow, I'll buy the farm
Dm              Am             G6
Two bags of groceries and a baby in my arms
A#maj7   Dm    Am     C      F
Oh lord, I hope I die before I'm adult
C               Dm             Em     Am
Still on with, on with the show
On with the show

All that pain you bottle up
It'll never be enough
To cure your middle-age
You fell out of the race when you fell in love
And your horse ran off with the wild
And the free and the young
Goddamn those fresh-faced boys
How I hate them so
How I hate, I hate them so
Still, on with, yeah, on with the show
On with the show