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Hard To Make You Mine Tab

Song: Hard To Make You Mine
Artist: Tim Christensen
Album: Superior (2008)
Tabbed by: Malthe Rostrup, Denmark

Okay y'all, I've been getting some requests of tabbing more songs from Tim's new album, 
I think is really great. Then this is the 2nd song on the album and it goes 
like this:

(Tuning: Standard, no capo)

Riff 1:                        Riff 2:
 (E5)                          (D5)
e|-----------------------|    |------------------------|
B|-----------------------|    |------------------------|
G|-----------------------|    |------------------------|
D|8p7p5---5h7-7-5---5h7-5|    |-5p4----4h5-5-4---4h5-4-|
A|------7---------7------|    |-----5p4--------5-------|
E|-----------------------|    |------------------------|

well, i'm not exactly sure about the lyrics, but this is what i hear:

Verse 1:

(riff 1)                                          Eb5
         Telling me you want the world in gunfire
(riff 1)                                          Eb5
         I can see from miles away that you're a liar
D5 (and riff 2)
         I don't give a shit for you and your time
C5                A5                         B5/B7
Turn it on, cause I might come along for you now
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Verse two is the same chords (find the lyrics yourself :D)

Chorus (Guitar 1 plays the riffs, guitar 2 plays the chords):

riff 3                  riff 4 (almost parallel with the melody)
e|12\---| |---------------|----|----------|
B|12\---| |--------5-7-5-4|3---|--5---5-7-|
G|------| |----4h6--------|--4h|6---6-----|
D|------| |4h6------------|----|----------|
A|------| |---------------|----|----------|
E|------| |---------------|----|----------|

(riff 3) E5 (riff 4)                Bb5    A5
        It's gonna be good to see a smile, no doubt about it
(riff 3) E5 (riff 4)                Bb5    A5
        and everything seems to be just fine, no doubt at all
(riff 3) E5 (riff 4)                   Bb5   A5                 C5  G5                  
        It's gonna be good to make you mine, no doubt about it, no, don't wanna let you go

There are actually no more parts in the song, other than a few different variations of 
1, but thats not so hard to figure out, and then a looong bridge from 4th verse to 2nd 
or something, which is just B7 all the way.

It finishes like this.
(riff 1)                                    Eb5 (let ring)
When I say i've had enough, you beg for more

so, thats all, folks!

Email me at malthe100@hotmail.com if you have a comment...