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Reach For The Light Chords

Reach For The Light
Capo 6

Intro*:  G   Em  C2

Versus 1:
G	 	D/F#			Em			C2
You cry yourself to sleep while you bury your emotions inside
G	 	D/F#			Em			C2
And dug yourself to deep and a part of you is starting to die
G	 				D/F#	
You called out from out from under the fallout 
		Em			    C2
but none of the soldiers could hear a sound
	G	 		D/F#			        Em			     C2
Thinking maybe 'someone will save m'e but all of the lifeboats keep letting you drown
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G		D		Em		C
So you try to save yourself but they rescued somebody else
G		D		Em		C
Hold tight it'll be alright reach for the light at the edge of the dark

G	 		D/F#				Em			C2
Their words won't break your bones but they'll drive your spirit into the ground
G	 	   D/F#		 Em				C2
THey took their sticks and stones, torch and tearing everything down
G	 			   D/F#		 	Em			C2
No one turned up so you were burned up, stuck in the fire you couldn't put out
	G	 			 	 D/F#		 	
Screaming "save me, send down some rain please"
		Em			C2
hoping the heavens could hear you shout

Em   D/F#
Be not afraid
G  	C
Be not afraid

G		  C
Hope is alive,  Hope is alive