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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 12:43:54 1000
From: glenn 

Aimee Mann

I found the old 45 a while ago and I was hoping
someone would have a more accurate version so correct this

Capo first fret


[G] One night (wouldn't have a clue)
He and I in a borrowed car
[Em] Went driving in the summer
Promises at every stop
[C] Out in the distant I could
Hear some people laughing
[Am] I felt my heartbeat fast
A weekends' worth of sadness [G]

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[G] There was a farm house
That had long since been deserted
[Em] We stopped and carved our thoughts
Into the wooden surface
[C] I thought just for an instant
We could see the future
[Am] We thought for once we knew
What really was important [G]

[G] Coming up [C]close
Everything sounds like
'Welcome [G]Home'
Come [C]home
And 'Oh by the [G]way'
[G] Don't you know that I could make a dream
That's barely half the way?
Come[C] true
I wanted to[G] say
That anything I could have said
a[Am?]bout some moment you already



[G] We got back in the car
And listened to a Dylan tape
[Em] We drove around the fields
Until it started getting late
[C] I went back to my hotel room
On the highway
[Am] And he just got back in his car
And drove away[G]

Chorus x2

[G] [C] alt. etc