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Rose Of The Devils Garden Chords

"Rose of the Devil's Garden"
Tiger Army
Tiger Army III (Ghost Tigers Rise)
Hellcat Records 
G    A    B    B    G    A    A    A   
G    A    B    B    G    F     E    D    E   E    E   E

B                             A                  G        G                                         
There is a rose in the Devil's garden
B                 D              A     A
In shadow it grows alone
B                       A                   G        G
Many things are dangerous now
B                   D                A      A
In this garden we call home
B                         A                   G      G
Be careful as you make your way
B                                 D                D        D      
Some things are poison to the touch
B                                     A                     G       G 
You've spent your life here in this place now
B                      D                A      A 
You long to run away so much
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tiger_army/rose_of_the_devils_garden_crd.html ]
G             A       B -F#-A-B-F#-A    
My love it is a black rose (my love it is a black rose)
G                A                          B  -F#-A-B-F#-A 
Held out to you by the hand of fate (held by the hand of fate now)
G               A                   B   -F#-A-B-F#-A
And as this dark romance grows...
G                                                                         low E
It's not from the sun, but the starlight that's so far away
high E
Above the Devil's garden
G   A   B

The fertile soil of poisoned hearts
Fed by tears and nighttime rain
Under Transylvanian moon
Grows the flower bred from pain
Death is pure - life is not
So ask yourself, what do you want?
As for me, well I want you
So pick the black rose and let its thorns cut you

(chorus) (with out the extra G A B)

B    D    A   G (4x)  F#    A

Contrary to belief, this song is in drop d.
You can hear the d in the intro.
The upright bass doesn't have frets so it's pointless to use the tab method
To find the notes, I held down on the fret board until the G registered on
the tuner and put a dot with a marker on the side of the neck for quick reference
 and then again on A to simulate the 5th fret(this was in standard(EADG) tuning
before I dropped it.)
I suggest watching the video at tigerarmy.com to watch Geoff's rhythm. This was a big
help. Listen to the song to catch the slides and fills between notes, remember,this is

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