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Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 18:12:30 -0400
From: Peter Vanderkloot 
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"Lonely Planet Boy" by Johnny Thunders
Transcribed by Joe Blowe (

This great song originally appeared on one of the two New York Dolls
albums. As I haven't
owned either for years, I can't recall most of the lyrics. If anyone can
fill in the
rest Johnny will thank you from his grave.

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D+ = D with added G on bottom E string
D- = D with bottom E open
Sorry I don't know the proper name of these cords.

It's a lonely planet boy when

bring me songs from all your boys well

G                            A
I'm a lonely planet boy  I'm trying

              D   D+   D   D-   D    D+   D    D-
Baby for your love

whoah whoah yeah

She picks me up

She's out driving in her car

always asking me where I'm going

always telling me it's too far

How can she be driving

Out by my home 

When she knows I ain't got one

I'm so all alone

Whoa Whoa Whoa yeah

[Something Something Something]

'bout a million miles away

[something something something]

[something] things I cannot say