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First Time Chords

Thunderbugs - First Time
From: Friends Forever single (1999)

Intro: D  A  D  A

D                   A
We’re not alone to fall in love
D                  A
the circumstances messed things up
D           A  
Just a kiss  is all it took
D               A
Sent us flying can’t get enough

It’s the first time 
           A            G
I’ve ever shown all this love
        D                       A
And you know, you’re the first one
To have it all
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D                      A
And we both hope this feeling all changed
D                    A
One makes it special, it works both ways
D              A
So keep a smile on your face
D                                  A
And maybe all those circumstances slowly fade away


D                             A
We are from the time of the unknown
D                             A
We’ll take chances or we will never know

Chorus x2

It’s the first time

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