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Flags Of Dawn Chords

Flags Of Dawn
Major Minor
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Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm -  355333
Eb -  x68886
Bb -  x13331
F -   133211
Ebm - x68876
Cm -  x35543
Dm -  xx0231
Bm -  x24432

Intro: Gm--Eb-- x4

Verse 1:
     Gm       Eb    Gm          Eb
This darkness would eclipse our will
  Gm        Eb     Gm          Eb
a cold wind blows across these hills
  Gm       Eb          Gm        Eb
a swinging gaze from a hangman's tree
  Gm          Eb             Gm      Eb
a crow's nest view of what's left to see

the light that's formed of saints 
return the silence to the snow
still beneath the craters 
waiting for this time to grow

Chorus 1:
   Ebm     Cm
so hold on hold tight
Gm   Dm
open daylight
Ebm     Cm(hold)
we will over-

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Verse 2:
 Gm  Eb        Gm       Eb
-come  so put away your fear
    Gm       Eb
the morning star 
     Gm     Eb
will soon appear
    Gm       Eb
and bring an end to 
Gm        Eb
this dark night
    Gm      Eb
and we must run if 
         Gm       Eb
we're to meet the light

Bridge: Piano
watered by the 
blood of martyrs
blessed and blind 
as sons and daughters
 F                 Gm
sleep with one eye open
and live with both eyes shut
so let's find the 
place where sight begins
and see the things 
that we saw when our
eyes were bright and 
Gm              Eb
wet against the light

Chorus 2:
    Ebm     Cm
and hold on hold tight
Gm   Dm
open daylight
Ebm     Cm  Gm
we will overcome
Ebm  Cm
open your eyes
Gm       Bm
over the new sight
Ebm     Cm   (hold)
fly the flags of dawn

Outro: Gm--Eb-- x8