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Atlantic Chords

This is just a rough acoustic version for you. I got as close as I could to how it sounded. 

Thrice, Album: Vheissu

Song: Atlantic


It's been so long and tin cans and 

Am                (C)   
string for years is all that we've

Em          Am                    (C)
known, could it be you're really here

               Am     C       Em             G        Am      
Cause my eyes are open and everything still moves in 
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       C       Em           G         Am        C
Slow motion, breatheless and blue and behind your eyes

Em           G     Am     C      Em
The sea oceans of light envelop me


Em                            Am
But things can't be as they seem.....
( Same as first verse)

Chorus (same as above)


Em G Am C (then back into Am for last Chorus)

(in this part you can here the female "oooing" vocals on the album)

But my eyes are open...