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Joy To The World Chords

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Subject: CRD:Joy to the World/Jeramiah=Bullfrog

It's really easy, the three chords after each line of the verse are just 
an A shaped bar chord being slid up the neck. 

Joy to the World (Three Dog Night)

                        C Db D
Jeremiah was a bullfrog
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                           C Db D
A very good friend of mine.

            D7              G       Bb
I never understood a single word he said 

      D          Em7              D
But I helped him to drink his wine

       G7              Em7         D
Yes he always had some mighty fine wine


        D   A      D
Singing Joy to the World

A                   D
To all the boys and girls

           D7            G         Bb
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

D      A7      D    C Db D
Joy to you and me.