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Lift It Chords

Just four chords in the whole song, I played power chords but here's how I played them:
Chord          EADGBE
C              x35553
Em             022000
D              x57775
G5             355333

Here's the lyrics with the chords:

Verse 1
C          D                     Em
Through my temptation to walk away,
and through the endless troubled days, 
C                D            Em
there's a hundred million ways, 

for me to release your praise; 
C                  D                Em
and by and by, and through the tears, 

and things you've taught me through the years, 
C        D                    Em
my whole life was designed by you, 

I'll never know anyone half as true; 

C             D           Em
I lift it up, I lift it up, 
[ Tab from: ]
lift it up so you can see, 
C             D           Em
I lift it up, I lift it up, 

lift it up from inside of me;
Repeat Pre-Chorus 

C    D          G5            Em
So I lift it, I lift it up to you, 
    C            D
and I will never forget, 
    G5                    Em
the times that we've been through, 
   C D                 G5            Em       
so I lift it, I said I lift it up to you; 
    C  D               G5
And I surrender all of me, 
       Em              C 
to you, to you, to you, and 
          D            G5        Em              C
everything I'll ever be, to you, to you, to you, 
       D               Em
and I surrender all of me

Repeat Verse 1
Pre Chorus (x2)
Chorus (distorted)

TFK is a great band, and I hope y'all enjoy :D