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The Usual Chords

Tabbed by Ron Roberts  E=mail:
This may not be 100%,But hey.......It's a start..
Chord's match recording off the radio but couldn't tab out main guitar. 
Anyone have any more to put with it? Thanks

The Usual:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Intro:   C# B C#  C# B C# D    X2

I'm tripping over dumb drunks at a party,
A                   B                  C#  
My girlfriend, just ran off with a D.J.
I gave her everything, but she refused it,
A                    B                        C#
It don't matter, She don't know how to use it.

E                             F
My apartment is a Dwindleing, Look at the shape I'm in.
Where's the girl, where's the Wine.
F                                          C#
I'm ain't thirsty but I'm standing in line.
I'll have the usual...
[ Tab from: ]
50 silhouettes, tumblin on the dance floor.
Pink elephants, falling thorugh a trap door.
60 cigarettes a day cause I'm nervoise.
When will that chick serve us.

I use to be a good boy, livin the good life,
50 thousand gig's later, She was a house wife.
She was good. I was unkind ,
I aint thirsty, but I'm standing in line.
I'll have the usual...

* * Bridge * * 
Intro X2,   C#   C# B A    A G F#      D C#  ,X2

Big Jim's says the second comming's comming,
I think he's seeing double of something,....     Something?
You can hang around waiting for the offering,
I cant win but I seen enough man.
I got a drink yeah.

A 5th of whiskey keeps the Dr. away,
A little boy, It's judgment day.
I had a future but she just passed out, 
I'm gonna drink till I think what is I'm always drinkin' about.
I'll have the usual...        
I'll have the usual.
On the rock's....with a twist...
Let me get a drink around here..

I'll Buy..