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                      We Need Love    (Ray Thomas)

     My soul is willing to travel

     I've got a song that's waiting to be sung

     I've got a dream that needs to be answered

     And my heart needs to belong

     My hope is we can learn together

     My dream is we can all belong

     And my reason for loving doesn't matter

     My hunger for life carries on

                  G             F             G
     But we need love, we need love, we need love
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      C            E               F          G
     My love song's a sad song, I sing it to say I'm sorry

       C           E                  F        G             F
     Then maybe, just maybe, you'll learn to, love again my baby

     So much time is spent in forgiving

     So much time is lost in a lie

     And the truth is sometimes never answered

     I'm left to sit and wonder why

                  G             F             G                 F
     But we need love, we need love, we need love, yes we need love

              G             F             G
     We need love, we need love, we need love

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Written by:         Mick Anderson

Contributions by:   Shelley Giblin
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