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Til The Day Chords


I made a river from my front door to yours
I built myself a raft with my living room doors
         F                                            G
But when I set sail to find you I never reached your shore
I gave you my new sweater so you would be warm
To protect you from the winds of the mighty winter storm
           F                                     G
And though I was nearly freezing I didn't really mind

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Am                     Amaj7
And even though she'll never need me
Am              G                   F
I will save my love for her til the day
          C                 G               F
When she discovers that my love won't fade away
C    G   C
Til the day

(2nd verse is the same as the first...)
I gave you flowers so everyone would see
That the light behind your eyes is the light that shines on me
But you never gave them water so they withered to the ground
I am so tired I don't know what to do
Should I curse the dreaded day in which I fell in love with you?
No I think it's worth the loneliness, just to see your face


Thats it really, Im not so positive about the chords on the chorus but they pretty much work.