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Gone Chords

Capo on 3rd Fret

Intro: F  Am7  F  Em   F  C   Em   (x2)

 Verse 1

 F 	    C
 Sometimes I rush
 F	            Em
 To get right to the end

 F			  C
 I know I'll get to this place

 When I feel the time is right

 Verse 2 	    
 Sometimes I think
 That I know what Im all about
 But when I look inside             
 I can see the truth come out

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 F		       Am7
 Sometimes I try to go on
 I know its wrong
 Cause when I see your eyes
 I can see the flame is gone,
 C	Em
 Gone, gone 

 Verse 3
 Sometimes I climb
 To the top to see whats above
 But when I find it there
 Theres no time for happiness

 Verse 4
 Sometimes I count up to ten
 Just to see when
 When will I see the sun
 Then my mind has just begun

 Chorus x2