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Angels Spies Chords

Thirteen Senses - Angels and Spies ( chords ) 
Pas de Capo/No Capo.

Intro (guitare seule)

A, E, G, F#-Gb [x2]
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A          E      G            F#/Gb
Here in a circle, more than awake
A           E                 G           F#/Gb
They watch from a distance, I try to escape
A               E           G              F#/Gb
The sun comes up slowly, it brings up the day
A           E                  G                 F#/Gb
So where's the confusion, that makes my soul out of place


A           E            G         F#/Gb
I'm getting loaded with angels and spies
A           E                  G         F#/Gb
You try not to hear them, and try not to hide
A              E          G        F#/Gb
You turn every shadow to a new paradise
A           E                  G                 F#/Gb
And where's the confusion, that turns my soul into ice


Do you see angels and spies?

Can you see angels and spies?

Well I'm seeing angels and spies

Can you see angels and spies?