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When The Weather Is Fine Chords

D                  D7   
 It's been so long        
Gmaj7/D     Gm6/D 
      since I have heard your voice
D                 D7
 I'd like to talk
Gmaj7/D     Gm6/D   
      then I might not have the choice
Bm                      E7
  You turned off your phone
Am7              C/D     D9    D/G
   I guess you need some time away
                 D/E  E9  Em7    A7sus4   A7
I wish you could hear me say

  G               F#7
I know that some time
         Bm         Gm6/A#
when the weather is fine
I will be with you, I'll be with you
G          F#7
No-one can see
         Bm          E7/G#
what the future will be
          G                A7sus4     A7
but I'll feel for you, I'll feel for you

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D               D7/C
 I saw your friends, 
Gmaj/B               Gm6/A#
     they said that this is not like you
D                    D7/C
 One thing I've learnt, 
Gmaj7/B    Gm6/A#  F#7
      even angels lose their view
Bm                  E7
  But now you have gone,
Em7           C/D    D9        D/G
  My days are empty, cold and bleak
                  D/E   E9   Em7   A7sus4   A7
To think that we can't even speak


G        F#7                      Bm      Gm6/A#
   I'm just trying to make a contribution
   does that stand for nothing at all?
G  F#7                Bm     Gm6A#
   I want to say I love you
Em7                             A7sus4   A7
   But I feel like I can't talk


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