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When The Weather Is Fine Chords

Thirsty Merc Ė When the weather is fine:

There some transcripts of this song on the net but none are correct, (This is)
Explanatoin (Am/F#) This is an A Minor Chord with an F# bass
This song has 3 parts only, they are Verse chorus and Bridge.
Have fun with this. 

Caloundra, Australia.    12/Oct/2005

Capo 1st Fret
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C	          C7   F	    Fm			C
Itís been so long,      Since I have heard your voice
C	       C7   F	       Fm
Iíd like to talk,      Then I might not have the choice
Am			  Am/F#
Youíve turned off your phone,
C/G		   C		F     			Am/F#    GsusG	
I guess you need some time away, I whish you could hear me say

   F                        E		     Am		Fm
I know that some time when the weather is fine
I will be with you, Iíll be with you
F	        E		    Am            Am/F#
No-one can see what the future will be 
but Iíll feel for you,   Iíll feel for you

F	E 					Am	Fm
         Iím just trying to make a contribution, 
Ďcos that stands for nothing at all
F	E			     Am	    Fm
         I want to say I love you,       
Dm				Dm/G
 but I feel like I canít talk