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When The Weather Is Fine Chords

When the Weather is Fine  Thirsty Merc

Tabbed by  Ben Lundie

Its my first attempt at tabbing, so any corrections or comments please email me on


Verse 1:

C	C7	Am7  Fm	        C
It's been so long, since I have heard your voice.
C	C7    Am    Fm
I'd like to talk, but I might not have the choice.
Am7		    Dm7    Bb		C	           Am	
You turned off your phone, I guess you need some time away.
Am		Dm	Bb	C
I wish you could hear me say

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Am		G	          C		Dm
I know that some time, when the weather is fine
          C		       Fm
I will be with you, I'll be with you
Am	      G		C	Dm
No one can see, what the future will be
	C		Fm
But I'll feel for you, I'll feel for you

Verse 2:

C	    C7	Am	          Fm		C
I saw your friends, they said that this was not like you.
C	  C7	     Am 	Fm		
One thing Ive learnt, even angels lose their view.
Am7		Dm7	Bb            C		Am
And now you have gone, my days are empty, cold and bleak.
		Dm	Bb	G
To think that we can't even speak, can't even speak.



Am Am7                                    C 		Fm
           I'm just trying to make a contribution
Dm			Dm7
Does that stand for nothing at all.
Am Am7		C         Fm
          I want to say that I love you
Dm		Dm7
But I feel like I can't talk.