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20 Good Reasons Chords

I Play this with the capo on 4th but i have alot higher voice that the band so 
this is for ones who think the original song is too low. So you can ajust the capo 
to whatever you want. ENJOY!!!

20 Good Reasons-Thirsty Merc

          D                                         A
They said love hurts		I wrote that book
       Bm                                           G
I climbed that wall 			I had one look
      D                   A                               Bm            G
But you just came around		To say hello
        D                                                   A 
The streets were filled 		With guilty hearts
           Bm                             G       
And here was I right from the start and 
    D                         A                           Bm            G
I lost everything			When I lost you
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                     D           A                   Bm           G
So tell me why___should I let you go
      D                          A
Give me 20 good reasons 
                  Bm               G
I need to know	yeah

           D                                                  A 
And at that point			There was no pain
            Bm                                       G              
There was no sky 			There was no rain 		
    D                                                  A                   Bm           G
For all there was 			Was you and you're sweet face
      D                                                 A
But life is life				And things will change
     Bm                        G
Like scenes upon an actors stage
 D                    A                            Bm        G
Tomorrow comes today		For all we know

       D                             A
Give me 20 good reasons
       Bm                          G
Give me 20 good reasons
              F                                 Em
Give me 20 good reasons ( to let you go )

Chorus x2