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Wake For Young Souls Tab

Wake for young souls : song
Third eye blind : artist
Out of the vein : album

this is my first tab so it's not very good.

D: e-2  A: e-0  Em: e-0  G: e-3
   B-3     B-2      B-0     B-3
   G-2     G-2      G-0     G-0
   D-0     D-2      D-2     D-0
   A-X     A-X      A-2     A-2
   e-X     e-X      e-X     e-3

intro: e-   2--  (let ring)                  0--  (let ring)
       B-  3                                2  
       G- 2                                2
       D-0                                2

         today i found my soul. i felt it die inside of me yeah.
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       e-    0--  (let ring)          3--  (let ring)
       B-   0                        3
       G-  0                        0
       D- 2                        0
       A-2                        2
       e-                        3 

         so turn to you, life is like that ya know.

rythm: D A Em G 

just play the rythm through the whole song until that one part at the end.  (you know, that one part)
the second time he does the oh part thing.

 e-      2             0             0         3
 B-    3   3         0   0         0           3
 G-  2         2   2             0       0  
 D-0             2             2                 0
 A-                          2               2
 e-                                        3

then just play the rythm for the rest of the song.

this song was easy to figure out cause it's the same as here comes your man by the pixies.
and i'm not entirely sure if the last part is right but it sounds pretty close.