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Thanks A Lot Chords

*it is best to use power chords (D5, B5, G5) for the chorus

Em              D                  Bm                 G
It's all in her mind she said the darkness and the light.
The clock it bleeds for you, but you never got the time in right.
I woke you up and I slit the throat of your confidence.
And we laughed in the night, and I felt alright.

D     B      G       B
  Thanks a lot.

Verse 2:  
All hands on deck boys cuz this ship was made to sink.
The swabber salutes you now, but I know what he's thinking.
I woke you up and i slit the throat...

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Verse 3:
The clothes she wears misfit.  and she's nervous when she speaks.
Here slimy mom and dad live in a separate house of freaks.
I woke you up and i slit the throat...

A       G                A                                   G
I'm the one for you.  Cuz i know all the dirty things you'd like to do.
         A                          G
I'm the fear in your eyes, I'm the fire in your flies.
A                                    G
I'm the sound that's buzzing round your head.

Em  D  Bm  G

Chorus and some return to one of the previous chord riffs.