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Freshmen Tab

Hey i really enjoy this song but i really didnt find any good tabs to this version so i 
to try this out myself and this is my first tab but im pretty sure its 100% right
Tabbed by: Vincent Brauer

Riff 1

Riff 2

-the first chorus is just riff 1 with some bass.

-And if you havent noticed already that there is 2 guitars playin in this song so pay 
to what i say at the "-"
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-Verse 2 is Riff 1 again and at the begining you'll notice another guitar playin riff 3 
some distortion:

-Bridge 2 has riff 2 in the backround and riff 4 playin:

Chorus 2 has riff 1 and guitar 2 playin chords:

-Right after the 2nd chorus just play the bridge again
-Then comes verse 3 which you basically just play riff 1 with distortion
-here comes the bridge again- play riff 4
-well i think you get the idea now hopefully, for the chorus play riff 1 and the chords

- the outro starts with the first riff 2 and goes into riff 3, you do riff three a 
times with riff one playin softly in the backround.

Thats it! have fun playin it!